Get More Clients and Customers with Google Ads

People are searching for what you offer right now on Google..but will they find your business?


Imagine you had a tool that could identify all the people who want to buy what you have to sell, right now. Wouldn’t that be absolutely amazing? 

Well, it exists.  Keep reading..

All day long, every single day, all over the world, billions of people are typing into the Google search bar and ask a question to what they need to find an answer on or find something they want…right now.

63,000 searches per second.

3.8 million searches per minute.

228 million searches per hour … and yes that’s 5.6 billion searches per day.

No matter what your business does, I guarantee you that some of those searches are for a product or service or knowledge that you provide.

Well you might say..thanks Melissa. I’m competing with over two billion other websites in the world.  How will my business be seen on Google?

Well I’m glad you asked!

So maybe you’re not clicking on those ads, but someone is. When someone does a search for a product or service, they don’t really care if the first result is an ad, as long as it’s relevant. They may not even notice it’s an ad, since it looks like every other result except for a small, discreet, “Ad” tag next to it.  

Why Google Ads?

It doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like the idea that Google sells ad space at the top of their search results. It doesn’t matter if your organic results are “better” or more relevant than the paid ads that push you further down the page.

The bottom line is that businesses have almost always had to pay for visibility, and search engines are no different.

Paid ads, when done right, can be a cost-effective way to acquire new customers and generate leads and sales. You can also measure the ROI of every ad you run, something that’s not quite so clear when it comes to organic results. That means you can shut off underperforming ads and double down on ads that show positive results. 

Sure you got a Google Ads coupon in the mail but skip the stress trying to figure out.   I'll get your Google Ads campaign up and running in just one day.

  • Complete Google Ads Setup and Launch of your Campaign - An in-depth analysis of your website and your top 3 competitors’ keywords and backlinks. Plus, a strategy for optimization.
  • Launch of your remarketing campaigns - Then we’ll hop on a 45-minute call to go over your website checkup so I can walk you through my recommendations for your website before we start making changes.
  • 30 days of campaign management and email support 

...and a whole lot more!



What makes me qualified to chat about Google ads ? 


I’m a 20-year veteran of the fashion and consumer goods industry. (This ain’t my first rodeo)  

I’ve collaborated with iconic fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Cynthia Rowley, and Nicole Miller. I even helped Gwen Stefani launch Harajuku Lovers and L.A.M.B Handbags (pre-Blake days - holla’ back).  

I’ve worked with countless brands and built them from the ground up to the multi-national, billion dollar businesses they are today.  

I understand the complexities of both local and online business models. I’ve written content and analyzed/reviewed SEO tactics for over 100,000 items that are currently sold on Amazon today.  

As an adjunct professor in ecommerce and logistics at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, I kept my finger on the pulse of online business trends and best practices for small businesses.  

I’m going to take my YEARS of experience, teaching, testing and knowledge and pour them into your business so you can exponentially grow your organic search traffic and MAKE MORE MONEY.  

Get More Website Traffic with Google Ads

Let's Get Started! 

Frequently asked questions:

Who are Google Ads best for? Google ads are for business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to take action. They are done with excuses, ready to grow their business, and love the idea of being truly known and easily found by their people.  Here's just a few examples:

  • New and Established Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches
  • Photographers
  • Online Shop Owners
  • Strategists
  • Educators
  • Service Providers
  • Consultants
  • Bloggers
  • Website Designers
  • Course Creators
  • Salon Owners
  • And more...

Do I need a website? Not necessarily. We can run Google ads to a landing page through Leadpages or Clickfunnels.

What is the refund policy? We do not offer a refund policy for this package.  

How much time will it realistically take to create Google ads? Your Google ads campaign can be created in just one day!

Here’s the deal…

You need to do something about your website traffic if you want to grow your business. There is now way around this.  

Your options?  

  • Ignore me. 

Write me off as straight-up crazy, and go on about your merry way. Pretend getting found online doesn’t matter. If you do that - your competitors - the ones who took their website traffic really seriously are going to start getting all the google referrals. They are going to turn their website into a money maker without spending a fortune on ads, or piddling their time away on social media with ZERO ROI to show for it. They are going to get the clients and buyers YOU could be getting.  

  • Try to figure Google Ads out by yourself. 

This is DEFINITELY better than doing nothing. But, let’s be have put this off for WAY TOO LONG. And if you go this route, then you are stepping into the world of countless hours of watching YouTube videos and tech nerds who are difficult for even ME to understand. If you click off the page and say you can figure it out yourself, you and I both know NOTHING will actually happen. 

  • Let's chat about it. I can either help you by giving you my opinion on your current campaign or I can take it off your hands and set it up for you.


If you are ready to get your website traffic in order so you can be found by people who WANT WHAT YOU HAVE, for free, while you sleep (or while you try to figure out that dang Instagram algorithm), then I'll see you on the 1st page of Google!

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